1st AutoRun Express

1st AutoRun Express 3.11

Create autorun disks in a few clicks, no design or programming required!

1st AutoRun Express is an AutoRun script creator for Windows. When you insert a CD-ROM or connect a USB drive to your computer, there is a set of commands that get carried out by default. Whatever runs when you insert media is said to be in the Autorun. Now, you can create your own AutoRun actions and 1st AutoRun Express can help you in the process.

It is a wizard-based tool, which guides you through the process step by step. This particular application allows you to add documents that can be automatically played when a disk is inserted. So you can do basic stuff like viewing images, videos, or playing music. Or you can have the application run an executable file with more instructions. Most video games have an autorun.exe that shows installation options and allows you to carry out other operations.

If you think outside the box, 1st AutoRun Express suffices to create almost anything. The application also allows you to add several "documents" to every project. In case a computer does not have the necessary applications to open these documents, 1st AutoRun Express will offer the user the chance to search for a program on the web, and install it in the computer.

When you are done with a project, the program will copy all the files that are used into a directory, along with an autorun.ini file and the launcher used to carry out your operations. You can then burn those to a CD or memory drive.

There are several versions of this application. The free one doesn't allow you to create menus, but you can do everything else with it.

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